Complaints Policy

Resource Productions aims to deliver quality branded content services and training programme as defined within the framework of the aims and principles. Any failure on our part to achieve this could be reason for complaint.

Complain to Resource Productions if you consider:

• We have failed to do something we should have done

• We have done something badly

• We have treated you unfairly or discourteously

Sometimes Resource Productions cannot do all you ask. This may be because of lack of resources or for other reasons. If, however, something cannot be done you deserve an explanation.

Suggestions for improvements are also welcome.

How to complain:

1) You should make your complaint to your contact at Resource in the first instance and she/he will attempt to resolve it.

2) If you are not happy with her/his response, or if your complaint is about your contact, write to the Managing Director: Dominique Unsworth at the address at the end of this policy.

3) If you are still unhappy write to Resource Youth Film CIO and your complaint will be raised by the Charity Trustees at the next Trustees Group meeting.

4) If your complaint is still not resolved you may write to Slough Council for Voluntary Services.  

We will aim to respond in writing to all complaints within 28 days detailing what action is being taken or an explanation.