Appeals Policy

This policy addresses the situation where students may wish to appeal against a grade he/she has received for a qualification.


Students are made aware of the existence of this policy and have open access to it. It can be found in their induction packs.

All tutors are made aware of these policies and how to access them in order that students can be supported.

This policy is reviewed every three years and may be amended in response to feedback from students, staff, parents and external organisations.

Policy Statement

All students at Resource Productions have the right to make an appeal about any of the marks received for the qualifications they are undertaking.

If any student wishes to appeal a decision, they should follow the following procedure.

1. If possible, speak to the member of staff responsible for teaching the qualification in the first instance about the reason they wish to appeal.

2. The member of staff has a responsibility to explain to the candidate why he/she received the grade/mark.

3. If the student is not satisfied with the explanation, the piece of work will be re-marked by another member of staff also involved with that qualification.

4. The student will be informed of the outcome of the re-marking by letter.

5. If the student wants to continue the appeal, he/she needs to contact the exams officer, who will provide the student with information about the appeals procedure for the relevant awarding body and explain what is involved. The exams officer will assist with the completion of any forms and will correspond with the awarding body on behalf of the student.

6. Please note: a student must have the support of the centre to be able to appeal against a result.

Further details on any aspect of this policy and its implementation can be obtained from:

Email Dominique Unsworth