From Anna Gray (Writer & Director); 

"I wanted to create a random act of empathy, not only to illustrate how it feels to wear glasses but to give those with 20/20 vision a new perspective on glasses wearers. I start with the much heard line ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’ which has been carelessly thrust in my face many times throughout my life, in swimming pool changing rooms, in the playground, after P.E, whilst I helplessly clutched the air for my glasses and tried to regain my sight.
My piece means a lot to me because I have worn glasses as long as I can remember and know the irritation that it brings, the fragility of the glass and frames, the perpetual steam, grease, water and dust that blocks my sight as a look at the world through a window, the tedious eye tests and drops and prescriptions. But I also know how lost I would be without them. I know the excitement of choosing shiny new frames, the pride of being able to pass an eye test, the memories and experiences I often take for granted that I could not see without my specs. It is as if my glasses are a part of me, a part of my identity".