Lehenga (Working Title)

From Nathalia Syam (Writer & Director); 

As an immigrant of Indian origin brought up in Britain, we’ve had a ringside view into the lives of multitude of people, culture and ethnicity. This has evolved us as filmmakers and gave a broader perspective. All aside, it helped shape the storyteller within us, encouraging us to base the story of this short-films on a theme related to conflicts within culture and tradition in the U.K.
As filmmakers, we are interested in creating a gripping narrative by placing the characters within the conflicts of their own diverse and socio-cultural environment. We are particularly interested in portraying the perfectly flawed characters that we all are, amidst the varied beliefs, ideologies, cultures and ambitions that make each character complete. We also keen to create films that portray social themes where viewers can relate and connect to the characters through situations that are plausible in real life too.
The idea behind a person not being able to open up to his family came from many true stories that happen around us. We have come across many situations and people who constantly struggle to keep up with their families’ choices as opposed to their personal wishes. Through this film, we hope to mark this situation while giving the viewers the opportunity to evaluate how one must feel in such a situation.